Simone (&) Chelsea

Meet Simone!


Notice anything strange about this picture?  If you said, "There's only one person in it", then you would be right.  This is not your ordinary Match story.  This one is pretty special.


A couple of weeks ago, Simone's mentor, Chelsea, emailed us about her mentee and included this picture.  

Read what Chelsea said about Simone and her accomplishments:

I would like to share that my mentee, Simone Collins, recently received a Love Girls award.  This honor is given to deserving young women who are active in their community, have stellar academic performance, and are working toward their goals.  I am so proud of Simone and I wanted to share her accomplishment with the Lead (h)er community. 
Simone and I met in November of last year and quickly connected.  Unfortunately, I recently relocated to Kansas and am now unable to meet Simone on a regular basis, but we still keep in touch.  Simone will begin graduate school in the Fall at Western Illinois University studying Mental Health Counseling.

At Lead(h)er, we talk a lot about why mentoring matters and this story is the perfect example to illustrate what we mean when we say that there is tremendous value to expanding our circle of influence.  When Simone signed up to be mentored, she took a risk, but look at this reward!  She met a women who is willing to be her champion and advocate... all the way from KANSAS!  

We are honored to have these two fantastic women as a part of Lead(h)er and we are excited to see what the future holds for Simone and Chelsea!


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