How It Works

After you’ve completed the survey on our Strike a Match page, we begin the hunt for your perfect match. Your survey answers will help us search, so be as specific as you want to be when answering the questions.

When we’ve found someone for you, which usually takes about a month (but sometimes much less), you will receive an email from our Executive Director introducing you to your match. The email provides information about expectations for your match as well as other general information to start your experience with us. 

Lead(h)er doesn’t have a requirement about how frequently you meet with your match. We recommend that you meet at least one time per month over coffee or lunch. We like it when you attend community events together. This helps multiply your network and gives you the opportunity to connect with new people in the community.

Once you’ve been matched, we want you to stay together for a year under the formal program. Over the course of the year, Lead(h)er will host events for you to attend together. These events - our (h)uddles - are an opportunity for a little professional development, a little socializing, and a lot of meeting up with fellow matches. We love to see all of our people at the (h)uddles and watch them connect with each other.

We rely on the natural development of the mentor relationship to become what it needs to be for both people in the match. We have a diverse group of women in the program - some women are looking for help with career development, others need advice about their education and some just want a way to be a part of our local community - and we want to honor all of the reasons that draw women to Strike a Match. In order to do that, we don’t have a lot of rules - we just have a lot of ways of bringing you together to inspire you, to fuel you, to lead you.

What To Do When It Doesn’t Work

We are really good at matching. Like, really really good. 

But we’re not perfect.

So, from time to time, there is a match that is just not working out and we need to fix it. 

Here’s what you need to do if this happens to you: (don’t worry - we make it easy)

Email our Executive Director at and then let her handle it from there. Tell her why it wasn’t working out so that she can make a better match next time, but you don’t even have to do that. You can just say “Hey, I need a new match” and she will get to work.

It’s that simple.