Brittany (&) Amy

It looks like we've found another new match who is pretty excited about being connected through the Strike a Match program!


We want you to meet Brittany and Amy.  

Brittany is a young professional with a heart for non-profit work.  She spends her days at the American Heart Association and loves what she does, but was hoping to find someone who could help her develop her professional network and her marketing skills.

Enter Amy - 

Amy is the Administrative Services Manager and all things Marketing at Bush Construction.  She had been involved in the Strike a Match program before her connection with Brittany, but her match had moved away.  The first time around was such a positive experience for her, so she offered to be a mentor to another woman.  She has the skill to provide Brittany with the marketing advice she needs, but is also able to lead Brittany as she develops her professional network.

We got an email from Brittany this week to let us know what she thinks about her match.  Check out what she had to say:


Thank you so much for matching me with such an amazing person! Amy and I have already met twice and planning our next.  She is not only pushing me to excel at my job and networking but she is turning into a great friend as well.  I did forget to take a picture the first time but the second meeting we were more successful.
Thank you for such a great program!

To be pushed to excel is not always the easiest part of our development, but it is certainly easier when you know that the person doing the pushing wants the best for you - it sounds like this is exactly what happens with Amy and Brittany and we are so happy to have had a part in bringing them together!

Thanks for sharing, ladies!  Keep up the great work!

MatchesSarah Stevens