Nisha (&) Cayla

Meet our match, Nisha (&) Cayla!


Cayla wrote to us over the summer looking for a mentor who could introduce her to the world of fundraising and development in social services. She had moved around a bit after college, but is now settled in our community, and was really hoping for a mentor who could help her connect to the community in a more meaningful way.

Good thing we knew just the woman for the job!

Enter Nisha. As a Fund Development Officer for Family Resources, Nisha is well acquainted with what it takes to be successful in fundraising and development in social services. We thought she would be the perfect match for Cayla, and it turns out that we were right!

We ran into Nisha at a Lead(h)er event recently, and she updated us about what had happened with Cayla. The story she shared was so good that we knew she absolutely had to share it with all of you.

Check it out!

I was excited when you asked me if I would mentor a second person. I couldn’t wait to meet up with Cayla. Her goals of wanting to make more connections in the development world seemed like the perfect match.

 Shortly after we were connected, I was in the process of hiring a Communications and Events Coordinator and noticed that Cayla had applied. I was looking forward to learning more about her when we met for lunch. Over lunch we talked about what she wanted to get out this match experience through Lead(h)er and then went on to talk about the position I was hiring for. Cayla had a lot of development experience in fundraising and donor relations as well as event and communications experience having worked at United Way. She expressed her difficulty at trying to make connections in the community. I shared with her a little more about the position I was hiring for and what I was looking for and also what she could expect from me. It must be a good fit for both of us. 

 After a colleague of mine and myself had our interview with her along with several other interviews it was apparent she was the PERFECT person for this position. We made an offer and she accepted. She starts at Family Resources this month and I am so thrilled. Her experience will help take Family Resources’ communications and events to the next level.

 At the latest Lead(h)er huddle I said, “Mission Accomplished. You will get ample opportunity to meet people in the community being in this position and you will learn even more regarding the development world working side by side with me. With that being said, would you like to be paired with someone new?” She said with a big smile, “You know, I don’t know. I guess I need to think about what else I want to do.” In the meantime, I am excited that she will be part of the Family Resources team VERY SOON!!! 

 Thank you for matching us because it was literally The Perfect Match!

Thank YOU, Nisha, for being willing to share your experience and connections with Cayla in a way that is both good for her and good for our community.

Keep up the great work, ladies!

Sarah Stevens