Sarah (&) Rebecca

Meet our match, Sarah and Rebecca!


Sarah and Rebecca were matched in September and started meeting right away. Rebecca was looking for a mentor who might help her reconnect with inspiration and creativity, as her day job doesn’t require much of either characteristic. Enter Sarah.

Sarah is the Executive Director at Lead(h)er, but prior to this role, she worked in a career that was a little light on creativity and inspiration. After leaving that career, Sarah rediscovered the joy of tapping into some new creative endeavors, and was willing to share what she’s learned with Rebecca.

About the experience, Sarah said the following:

“It is SUCH a joy to spend time with Rebecca and when I think about the giant shifts I’ve seen her make over the past six months, I’m just amazed. She’s still hunkered down at the day job, but she has set mini goals to help her move some of her activities to be more reflective of all of the parts of who she is. We just had coffee last week and it went by so quickly because there is this constant rush of energy and connection between us. While I am serving in the mentor role with Rebecca, I am learning just as much from her along the way and I am so grateful for this new relationship.”

Sounds like a great match, ladies! Keep up the good work!

Sarah Stevens