Leaning (&) Learning: Mentoring Matters for Angie


When I first signed up for Lead(h)er, I had just started a new role within WQAD News 8 as Anchor of Good Morning Quad Cities and was so excited to part of this group of inspiring and powerful women. However, when I filled out the form - I'm pretty sure I got the words "Mentee" and "Mentor" mixed up because I thought I'd be set up with a Mentor. I never ever thought I would be capable or knowledgeable enough to mentor a Mentee. However, what I'm learning is that the "Mentor/Mentee" labels are just that - labels.  In all of our matches, we learn from each other, we teach each other, we lean on each other and we work with each other to take steps toward our goals, take heart in how to become better people/workers/women, and take pride in the community around us and what it can offer us. I choose to give to Lead(h)er because I want to see this important work continue in our community.

Sarah Stevens