strike a match


why we do it:


a Circle of Influence sparks success

collective wisdom and shared experience ignite potential

community engagement fuels passion and purpose

What Sets Us Apart

Our matches are intentional 

When you submit your survey, we review every one of your answers and hand select a Match that suits your desired goals and aspirations.

We multiply your network  

In addition to traditional 1:1 mentoring, Lead(h)er encourages our experienced leaders to bring their Match to the next community event they attend.

We deliver personalized attention

We don't just match you and move on. We check in with you and feed you with new opportunities to grow your network



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FOR THE woman in the workforce


mentee: for the woman in the workforce

We know that entering the workforce can be daunting and connecting to the community can be difficult. We relate to the challenges women face when they want to change careers or chase new professional frontiers.  

We want to help you!

When you sign up to Strike a Match, you are instantly connected to a network of experienced leaders in the community and are paired with someone who is chosen intentionally for you, based on what you want to gain from the experience.  


do you Need career advice in your particular industry? 

are you an entrepreneur who craves a connection to help make your dream into a reality?

are you Looking for a wider network?  

You are not alone and we will help you create your own personal circle of influence to achieve your goals!  


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for the experienced leader


Mentor: For the experienced leader 

Do you want to help create a connective, supportive network for women in this community?

are your experiences capable of helping another person?   

Are you fueled by a desire to give back to the world around you?


We don't need you to be perfect. We won't be collecting credentials at the door. We don't believe that you have to be an expert to be qualified. You only need to show up, bring to the table the valuable lessons that you have learned and build a relationship that allows you to learn from each other.


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