Holly (&) Cassie

Meet our friends, Holly and Cassie.  


Holly and Cassie have a unique story that they wanted to share.

Holly wrote in to us after a few months of meeting with Cassie - this is what she had to say:

We met at work first and then joined Lead(h)er so that we could connect with
other women in our community who had the same interest. To say that I’ve been inspired by Cassie is an understatement - her hunger for learning, developing herself and helping others is truly moving. Cassie is a self-starter who has found accounting to be her passion. I was honored that she reached out to me for guidance and advice. The mentoring relationship seemed like a no brainer and we immediately started meeting for lunch to discuss our work, life, future goals and dreams. Cassie has taught me so much about being real and giving selflessly to others. Her future is so bright and I’m so proud of how much she’s achieved in the short time we’ve been matched. Even though her path has led her to a new organization we plan to stay in touch through coffee and lunch breaks, and Lead(h)er (h)uddles.

Holly wasn't the only one who wanted to share.  We got to hear from Cassie too!

"Having Holly as a mentor was pure luck for me, the only regret I have is not meeting her sooner! After moving back from the military in November, I was experiencing culture shock and felt like I wasn’t able to connect with “civilians,” even though I was now considered in that category. Holly was the first person I felt like I was able to actually connect with and open up to. Upon our first meeting we shared so many laughs and tears and personal triumphs. I knew within the very first minutes of sitting with Holly in her office, that this was the right mentorship match for me. Sitting in front of me was everything I dreamed for myself – the goals, the career success, and most positive perspective. Holly has helped me on so many levels, with my transition from active duty. She has inspired me to follow my dreams and finish my degree in accounting, I have now started my fall semester of my last year!  I was afraid that at age 26, separating from the military, without a completed degree that I was going to get nowhere in life, and Holly has helped me emotionally and mentally realize that I can achieve the goals I set for myself. I am truly humbled to have such an amazing person and new friendship in my life, and so excited to be a part of the Lead(h)er organization! I look forward to the opportunities we will get to experience together and the future Lead(h)er memories we will get to share!"

One of the things you will hear Lead(h)er say is that we believe mentoring matters.  We also believe that we don't have the corner on the mentoring market and the connection these two women found is proof that both things are completely true.

Our favorite part is that Holly and Cassie found Lead(h)er... not necessarily to find each other, but to find a connection to the community, to uncover a new circle of influence.

And we are pretty happy that they did find us because Lead(h)er is better off for having people like Holly and Cassie helping us build a connected Quad Cities community!

Thank you, ladies!  Keep up the great work!

MatchesSarah Stevens