Ashley (&) Jill - 1 Year Update

We've got another Match story for you!  This comes from our friends, Jill and Ashley.  They were one of the first matches in our Strike a Match program and they wrote in with a one year update.

Jill wrote:

We knew we were a perfect match when Ashley and I recognized that we are both “Diet Mountain Dew” drinkers.  Actually, we both have a common fun fact that we select restaurants to frequent based on whether or not they have diet dew – ha!  So…here’s your picture of us!
No, but seriously, this match was perfect in more ways than our caffeine beverage preference.  Ashley is a smart, beautiful, generous and professional lady and it has been a pleasure to meet her.  Each time we have lunch I am more inspired to be a better person in both my professional and personal life.  We each have our ups and downs in this life journey, good times and challenging times. It’s fun to share, see where we have similarities and differences in our experiences, and learn from each other.

We think this match looks pretty perfect, too!

A couple of days after Jill wrote to us, Ashley chimed in with her thoughts about what it has meant for her to be mentored by Jill.

Ashley wrote:

"Where do I begin with how amazing my match with Jill is.  Jill has been such an amazing source of inspiration, friendship, and guidance for me.  To be honest when I signed up for lead(h)er I didn't know what to expect.  I really just wanted to be part of this amazing idea.  I met Jill about a year ago and we instantly hit it off.  I was so impressed when after the meeting she said to think about what I wanted out of our relationship.  Jill is such a great list maker so that is what I did.  I went home and gave it a lot of thought.  What I came up with is exactly what Jill is. She is an amazing friend who shows me every time we meet that success in the work place and home can be possible.  She teaches me to find value in all I do.  The biggest take away I have from our meetings is to not settle.  To believe I can achieve anything I set my mind to and don't just take what is given to me.  

She has taught me to believe in me. Funny thing is for Christmas she gave me a metal sign her husband made that said "Believe" and it hangs in my office as a great reminder.  I am so grateful for Jill and Lead(h)er."

We just love this... to find someone who can help us believe in ourselves is exactly why we believe that mentoring matters.

Thank you for sharing this with us, ladies!  We hope you will keep finding each other through the ups and downs of this journey!

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