Heather (&) Allison

Heather and Allison

This is Heather and Allison.  When I read Allison's survey, I knew instantly that Heather would be a great Match for her.  Allison was looking for someone to provide some feedback in her new position, but most importantly, it was obvious that Allison has a passion for marketing and design.  Heather is fueled by the same passion and has some experience under her belt in the marketing and graphic design world.  Read what Allison has to say about the time they have spent together:

After graduating college and recently starting my “big girl” job, meeting my mentor, Heather, was exactly what I needed. She’s truly incredible. Her passion for design is contagious, and I leave each conversation we have feeling inspired and more confident in my skills. I’m so thankful we were matched, and I look forward to coffee/lunch dates with Heather for many many months to come!
— Allison

Inspired, confident, passionate - there really aren't any three more fitting words to describe what fuels the work we do at Lead(h)er. We want every woman to feel this way about her career and her community.  Thank you, Allison and Heather, for sharing your story with us!

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