Courteney (&) Melissa

Melissa and Courteney

This is Courteney and Melissa - you might recognize Melissa as the Founder of Lead(H)er.  Melissa spends her days as the Director of Marketing for Lane and Waterman, and Melissa is also a mentor for Lead(H)er.  Courteney works for QCBT and she and Melissa have been matched for a couple of months.  I emailed Courteney to check in with her about her mentoring experience.  Read the awesome things she has to say:

My mentoring experience has been very rewarding. Melissa is such a great listener and when I have a mental block she helps me out so much. I have gained so much confidence and self-esteem since I have been meeting with her. I have a more positive view of myself and knowing that I have someone that I can call or email makes it less stressful. I feel that I have improved in my professional life and I now have the confidence to try new ventures and apply for new positions that I otherwise would not have done. I thank you for this program so much!
— Courteney
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