Karen (&) Kirby

Karen & Kirby

This is Karen and Kirby and you are looking at two ladies who are LOVING their Match.  Let me share with you what Kirby wrote to me about her experience so far.

Karen and I have had the opportunity to meet twice so far and it’s been an incredible experience. The ‘match’ has been nothing short of perfect. Thank you for your time, patience, and attention to detail in setting up what will be a lasting mentorship. We are able to connect and ‘get it’ on so many different levels. The energy we share is incredible and I have left each time excited, energized, and stronger.
— Kirby

Karen agrees with Kirby because she also wrote to me to tell me that she knows that this Match is the start of something great between the two women.  And this is exactly why mentoring matters.  There is not another experience in the world that rivals connecting to another human being to share experience and reap the benefits of collective wisdom.

Thanks, Karen and Kirby, for sharing a little piece of your Match story with us!

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