Kelly (&) Sara

Meet Kelly and Sara -

We are pretty excited about this match.. and so are they!

Sara works for Family Resources, Kelly for Gilda's Club.  They both have an interest in being of service to people and finding meaning in the work they do.  They were just matched in the past two weeks and were already able to spend some time together.  Kelly sent me this picture after their first meeting and Sara wrote to me, telling me about the easy connection they experienced at their first meeting. 

Read what Sara has to say about stretching beyond her comfort zone to ask Lead(h)er for a mentor and the benefit she's already experienced because of her decision:

 I love my job but I have the feeling that I want more.  I want to develop more and being a wife, mother to 4 and a step mom of 2, I don’t always get the time to develop my skills. So, I decided to look for something to learn or do and I stumbled across Lead(h)er's website.  I was completely and 100% nervous about the whole thing and I was sure if I got matched, I was going to back out because this is definitely out of my comfort zone. So I took a chance and thought "what if"….
My hope was to meet someone in a similar field and background who has more experience than me - to help guide me to develop the skills that I need to be a part of the non-profit world.  I was also hoping to be matched with someone who could teach me about the different sectors of non-profit work.
Needless to say, I anxiously waited to see if I would have a match and once I did, I knew it was a sign from the very beginning!! I was matched with someone I already knew!! My mentor match was Kelly who was introduced to me by my best friend! I had only met Kelly a few times socially and we hit it off well, but never really communicated about work. Our mutual friend just adores Kelly so I knew I was placed in good hands and knew I would definitely not back out on this opportunity to get to know her more!  
Our first meeting was excellent. Kelly listened to me, she shared a podcast with me and a personality quiz that I'm going to take today! I am really excited for the experience!
Thank you so much for having a program like this! I feel like it is something that every woman should take advantage of!


Thanks, Kelly and Sara!  Keep up the great work together!