Courtney (&) Sydney

Meet Courtney and Sydney, a brand new Match who recently had the chance to connect for the first time over coffee.  You might recognize Courtney - she's been involved with Lead(h)er since the beginning as a mentee and we've shared her story before from the perspective of being mentored in our Strike a Match program.  She couldn't wait to give back to a young woman in our community because of the extraordinary experience she's had with her Lead(h)er mentor.

So, we matched her with Sydney, a young woman who was looking for someone who could help provide some guidance at a time in her life during which she is going to make some critical career decisions.  It turns out that Courtney was just the person Sydney needed to help set her direction as she starts out on her professional journey.

This is what Sydney has to say about her time with Courtney:

I came to Lead(h)er to find a mentor because I was struggling to find a clear career path. I will be graduating college  this Spring, and for my long term goals to be successful, I needed to accomplish my short-term goal of finding a rewarding career path for this upcoming year. I came to Lead(h)er seeking guidance from an accomplished, intelligent, and goal-oriented woman...and I am happy to say that I have found her! Being matched with Courtney has been a tremendous experience. We've only been matched a month but I feel like my life has a clear direction again. She has given me great advice about setting and accomplishing my goals. I feel blessed to have Courtney as my mentor!

In one short month, Sydney feels like she has been given clear direction and a plan to help her accomplish her goals.  Imagine what will come from this match as they work together over the next year to fuel career and community engagement!  The sky is the limit for Sydney and Courtney and we can't wait to hear what they accomplish together!


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