Tiffany(&)Kirby - 1 Year Update

Look who checked in with us!

It's our friends, Kirby and Tiffany!

You might recognize them from many months ago when they sent a picture of their first meeting.  Tiffany wanted to update me as she and Kirby approach their one year Match-iversary! 

Here is what Tiffany had to say about her time with Kirby:

It's been a while since Kirby and I were able to get together. Today we had a lunch date and it was exactly what I needed. I updated her on my progress with school (two more classes and I will have my MBA in Human Resource Management, and progress at work (promoted to HR Administrative Assistant) thanks to Kirby's guidance and encouragement. I am so thankful I was paired with her! We are a perfect match...we are so perfect and in sync we matched blouses without trying! :) !

We have three things to say about this, Tiffany:

First, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PROMOTION!!  Thank you for sharing this with us and allowing us to celebrate this achievement with you.

Second, a huge thanks to Kirby for the generous donation of her time and her shared experience.  Since the beginning, Kirby has been a vocal, committed supporter of the work that Lead(h)er is doing in the community and her efforts are reflected here.  

Finally, they really ARE wearing matching blouses.  We had to cut the picture for the upload and didn't want anyone to think Tiffany was making up stories! :-). 

Thanks for sharing this with us, Tiffany!  Keep fueling, ladies and don't forget to keep us informed about all that you accomplish together!

MatchesSarah Stevens