Michele (&) Olivia

We want you to meet our friends, Michele and Olivia!

Olivia and Me.jpg

They have been matched for about six months in our program, and Michele wrote to us with an update:

Mentoring gives me the opportunity to share experiences good and bad with someone in a similar field. I enjoy the challenge of finding solutions together with my mentee, Olivia. If she can use some of my lessons learned that save her time and work - all the better. I did not have a mentor program as I was starting out and it would have been so helpful when asking about the best practices in project coordination or what makes for great copy when writing a television spot. I learn from my talks with Olivia and it’s a great reciprocal journey. 

Olivia and I meet for lunch or attend events together as our schedules allow. My time with Olivia is fulfilling as a mentor, a professional and as a friend, it’s just so nice to connect with someone as they are just starting out on the path to greater things.  


At Lead(h)er, we often share (h)er stories from the perspective of the mentee because our Strike a Match program is primarily focused on fueling the career and community engagement of the women who apply to be mentored.

However, the mentee perspective really is only half of the story.

The other half of the story comes from the perspective of the mentors, the men and women who are contributing their collective wisdom and shared experience to these mentoring relationships.

Over and over, they tell us that they get just as much out of mentoring as they give to it. Michele's story is no different and we are so grateful she shared it with us!

Great work, ladies! Can't wait to read your 1 Year update!

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