Beth (&) Madelyn

Another Monday, another Match story from our Strike a Match Program!

This is Madelyn and Beth.


When Madelyn first wrote to us, requesting a mentor, she identified that she was looking for someone who had some experience in the nonprofit work, but who also had some insight into the world of publishing. As you can imagine, we thought this might be a difficult match to make, as nonprofit work and publishing do not often align.

However, after a couple months of searching, Lead(h)er's collective network yielded Beth, the Director of Development for a nonprofit who also happened to have 30 years experience in publishing!

We were so excited to be able to put them together, and even more excited to get an update from them. This is what Beth had to say when she checked in with us:

Madelyn and I have been getting together since September. We've been getting to know each other better. I love that Madelyn is the age of my children, and despite the age difference we have much in common. We both have several siblings, are both married and both have a love of writing and creativity. The other day we were discussing the need for discipline when writing. Set aside specific times and places conducive to tapping our creativity (my son recently completed writing his first book and he and I were talking about this). Anyway, thanks for bringing us together. We are really enjoying our new-found friendship!

We love that there is a little bit of practical advice mixed in with the ability to connect about so many personal similarities. We know that great things are going to come from the work that Beth and Madelyn do together.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, ladies!

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