Nasreen (&) Becky

Meet our match, Nasreen and Becky!


Nasreen wrote to Lead(h)er many months ago, and was seeking a mentor who could help her develop some clear, practical skills to be used as she developed her business. As a local entrepreneur and business owner, Nasreen had a lot at stake, and struggled with the decision to open up about her professional life. After a little prompting, she decided to invest in her new mentoring relationship, and as it turns out, she’s pretty glad she did!

Check out what Nasreen had to say about her time with Becky:

“I joined Lead(h)er last fall, and had my first meeting in November with my mentor, Becky. 

One scheduled hour turned into 2, as we had so much to talk about. It was such a good match! An instant connection that I could feel within my soul. That brings me to my first point, which is that the matching process is one to be fully trusted. I’m not saying it will be a 100% success rate, nothing ever is. It was so perfect, however, that I figured there was an algorithm that generated matches. I was stunned to learn that matches were hand-selected by Sarah. In chatting with others in the organization, I learned that I am not exceptional; others also feel their matches are well-suited. 

It took a lot for me to join. Opening up about my weaknesses, sharing sensitive company information, while building a reputation for myself and my team made it scary. I didn’t seek a fluffy, nurturing relationship; I sought tactics, tools, and an objective perspective. I also am very limited on time outside of running the business, and often my “free time” is interrupted with a host of time-sensitive things that arise. 

I have received more than I bargained for. Becky not only is all of those things I was seeking, she also has the ability to peel back the veil on other facets of me that ultimately may affect the way I handle situations in my profession. 

She has helped me develop scripts so that my communication with the team can improve, which has ultimately resulted in the company moving forward toward our goals. She has helped refine several of our processes, and has both given me valuable new perspective as well as given me confirmation when I’m on the right path. 

The entire company has her to thank for many of the positive changes that have occurred in the last 8 months. 

Beyond tools and tactics, she has found ways to help me retrain my thoughts, so that I can be more at peace with my new role. Her wisdom translates beyond business. She is a true life coach as well!

I am so grateful for what this organization has provided. I would not have ever joined if there was a steep cost, or if I hadn’t known so many others who had similar testimonies. The model of the company resonated with me, and all things considered, I felt that I had little to lose by joining. I am so glad I did. It has changed the landscape of the company, and has altered the course of my life, really. I owe so much to Becky, and to Lead(h)er. 

Way to go, ladies! And thank you both for your commitment to fueling career and community engagement for women in the Quad Cities!

Let’s keep fueling together!

Sarah Stevens