Lena (&) Jasmine

Meet our match, Jasmine (&) Lena!


Lena and Jasmine got an interesting start with Lead(h)er. Both of the ladies showed up at an event we hosted to recruit new people to the program. Over the course of the evening, the ladies really hit it off, and the next day, Lena emailed us to ask if they could be matched.

Jasmine was in total agreement, so who were we to stand in their way!

We heard from Lena about a month ago with an update on their time together. 

Check out what Lena had to say about the work that she's doing with Jasmine:

"I encouraged and provided guidance to Jasmine to create a business case and proposal (for her consultation services https://www.jasminebozeman.com/ ) to be selected for a few Royal Neighbors philanthropy programs.  I was also able to connect Jasmine to other successful young women including the founder of Love Girls magazine where Jasmine has participated and even emceed an award show.  I have also nominated Jasmine for the Nation of Neighbors program through Royal Neighbors for this year.  We are just waiting on the results.   
One of the topics Jasmine and I discussed over the past year is Jasmine’s passion towards education specifically for high school students.  She had been contemplating organizing a chapter dedicated to the education and development of students and she and I have had several discussions about this opportunity.  She made the decision to move forward and asked me to join the executive committee.  So, this year, Jasmine and I along with several other executive board members have started the first Quad Cities chapter and non-profit (Quad Cities Area Council on Youth Leadership).  It is part of the National Council on Youth Leadership http://www.ncyl.org/.  Through this chapter, we speak to high school students (juniors getting ready for college) and recognize outstanding performance, offer scholarships, provide coaching, leadership seminars, and other educational opportunities for development.  We have received recognition through the National Association of Secondary School Principals and we are approved as an official organization to host and provide contests, programs, and activities for students."

Ladies... what INCREDIBLE work you're doing together! This story is the perfect story to illustrate what we mean when we say that we are fueling career and community engagement. The work you're doing is good for you as individuals, but also contributes to making a stronger, more vibrant Quad Cities community, and we are so grateful to be a part of what you're accomplishing together!

Keep us in the loop! We are looking forward to the next update!



Sarah Stevens