Lead(h)er Executive Director Q&A: Sarah Stevens

One of the cool things we see happen at Lead(H)er is people lighting up from the inside when they meet their match for the first time -- there is a spark of excitement and possibility.  It is in the spirit of that spark that we introduce you to the newest member of the Lead(H)er team, our Executive Director Sarah Stevens.  When you meet Sarah, you will understand what we mean.  Here is what she has to say as she embarks on this journey with us:

1.  Why did you decide to make a leap of faith to work at Lead(H)er?

I wanted to find out what was on the other side of fear.  After a decade of trying to just survive, raising kids and navigating a career in corporate healthcare, I finally woke up to what was happening inside of me.  Here is what I found:  I had performed exactly as I was expected to perform, I had been promoted, my kids had turned into basically reasonable adolescents, but I was so far off course from where I began many years ago.  I have a passion for doing work that has a meaningful impact on the lives of the people around me and that can't be measured with promotions.  I love being a catalyst as people discover who they are meant to be in the world and I was too busy and tired to be a catalyst to anything other than turning groceries into tonight's dinner.  However, I was afraid for a long time.  Who leaves a successful career in healthcare with only a spark of hope that there is something else for which you were intended?  As it turns out, I do.  Or did.  I leapt at the notion that life was supposed to feel bigger than it felt.  Lead(H)er is the net that caught me.

2.  What is the most exciting prospect of leading this organization?

The endless number of possibilities that we have in front of us.   I am astonished, on a daily basis, at the amount of energy and momentum that Lead(H)er has been able to acquire in such a short time with such minimal resources.  Imagine what we will be capable of as we work to harness all of this energy and create a network of people who are dedicated to fueling the career and community engagement of young women in this community!  The possibilities are, quite literally, endless.

3.  What vision do you have for its future?

A vibrant and dynamic network of people who create a vibrant and dynamic community.  My vision is that Lead(H)er is able to ignite relationships in every major professional sector in the local area and that these relationships will fuel success at the individual level, but also for the community collectively.  We are better together.  This has been true in nearly every successful professional endeavor I've undertaken and it is true for the mission that Lead(H)er will make real in the Quad Cities.

4.  Tell us about your career so far.  What big lessons have punctuated your path?

I could tell you lots of stories about my career and in those stories, we could uncover lots of valuable lessons, but there is just one lesson that has never failed me, that has delivered every single time I've been true to it and that has brought me to a life that I love -- Know yourself.

As completely and thoroughly as possible.  Never stop digging into who you are.  This is the stuff of endless possibilities.

5.  What questions do you have for Lead(H)er supporters?

I want to know how we can serve you.  I want to know what needs you have that aren't being met that might align with what we do and I want to know how you think Lead(H)er might have a lasting impact on this community.  Finally, there is something I want YOU to know - I couldn't be more grateful for this organization and for this opportunity to serve you.  So THANK YOU for your excitement, your involvement and your generous support!

You can find Sarah at the Creative Collective (225 E 2nd St. #203, Davenport, IA) or you can email her any time at sarah@leadherqc.org

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