Maggie (&) Maria

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Meet Maggie and Maria!  These two ladies were among our first matches and they are so great together!

Maggie is a retired Iowa Senator who served her state for 18 years in that role.  Prior to her role as Iowa Senator, Maggie was the first woman appointed and elected to the Scott County Board of Supervisors where she served for 11 year.  She is also the founder of 50:50 in 2020, a non-profit aimed at achieving political equity for Iowa women.  Maria is a Davenport Alderman, member of the Davenport Community School Board and all-around local political activist.  

At first glance, it might be easy to assume that these two women might not be well suited for each other... they are, after all, affiliated with opposing political parties and in this current climate, that fact alone can cause a permanent separation between two people.  However, that isn't the case for Maria and Maggie.  In fact, this picture was taken at Maggie's Rotary Club meeting and Maria shared with us that it was very interesting to hear a different perspective on legislation that is coming out of Des Moines.  In the end, it is their shared passion for women in politics that serves as the foundation on which they are building their mentoring relationship and they will certainly accomplish great things together!

Thanks for sharing, Maggie and Maria!  Keep up the great work!

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