Jacki (&) Jen

Meet our match, Jacki and Jen!


These lovely ladies wrote to us a few months after they were matched to let us know that this match was, indeed, match-ical!

This is what Jen wrote to us:

"We have met twice so far, once before the holidays and the 2nd time just last week! I have truly enjoyed getting to know Jacki both professionally and personally - she is a true gem. Let's just say we have officially 'hit it off' and jumped right into setting career and networking goals. I think it was a good sign when our first mtg lasted close to 3 hours! Ok we might have had a little fun too - not all work. :) We have accomplished a great deal in the short time we have known one another. This experience/match has been a win for both of us. We are both big believers in 'ya get out of it what ya put into it' and we are all in!"

Three hours is a pretty good sign that things are going well! At the end of her email, Jen asked Jacki to chime in and add her perspective. This is what Jacki had to say:

"I second everything Jen said in her note. It's definitely a match for Jen and I. I know we are excited to get to an event and meet other ladies! It's been really great to bounce ideas off of someone who doesn't work at my organization. I love the different ideas that Jen has! I'm also telling all my friends about how well this is all going! I couldn't be happier with how this is all going and with Jen! Thank you so much!!!"

They took this photo at the most recent (h)uddle, right before they spent an hour holding down a table in the corner and working on continuing to build their mentoring relationship.

And thanks for reminding us that these relationships can be a lot of fun, too, Jen! You are absolutely right! While you might strike a match over a professional topic, we welcome the times when you're able to have a good time while you fuel career and community engagement!

Great work, ladies! Keep fueling!


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