Kate (&) Stephanie

Meet our match, Kate and Stephanie!


Kate and Stephanie have been matched for about three months. Kate wrote to us shortly after their match to let us know about some incredible news in her professional life. It took them a little while to get the picture to go with the story, but nonetheless, they have been busy sparking success and fueling purpose together. Check out what Kate had to say:

I graduated from a grad program last December and spent months applying for jobs in higher education. By the beginning of June I was feeling worn down in my job search efforts having applied to nearly 100 jobs and interviewed at countless universities and companies around the Midwest. It was around this time that I heard of Lead(h)er. I saw a friend's post on my Facebook newsfeed about the organization and was intrigued. I reached out and learned how to "Strike a Match." After some time waiting to be matched with the right mentor, I was introduced to Stephanie Gronowski. We met for a tea and talked for hours. Not only did she have years of experience working in higher education at St. Ambrose, we had so much more in common personally that hours of chatting flew by on our first meeting. Not long after I was matched with Stephanie, I was asked to interview for a position at St. Ambrose and got the job!! Not only is my new position a perfect fit in numerous ways, I am lucky to have my mentor right on campus!  Stephanie encouraged me from the beginning of our mentor/mentee relationship to take steps not leaps and was able to help me see the value in job prospects and opportunities outside of what I had wanted more clearly. I am so grateful to be part of Lead(h)er and to have Stephanie as my mentor! Thank you Lead(h)er for connecting me to Stephanie and the entire Lead(h)er community! 

It's our pleasure, Kate! 

People like you - people who come to the table willing to entertain a new perspective - are the reason for the work that we do. Sometimes we just need a little nudge to move in the direction of our dreams, and it sounds like Stephanie was the perfect person for the job! 

Keep up the great work, ladies! Looking forward to what you will do together in the future!