Meredith (&) Rhonda

Meet our match, Meredith and Rhonda.


Meredith wrote to us about six months ago and was looking for e mentor to help her connect to the community. Since she was new to a sales position, she was hopeful that Lead(h)er could also recruit a mentor with some sales experience.

Enter Rhonda.

Rhonda is an entrepreneur who saw a need in the senior services market and developed a unique approach to meeting that need. As she's developed her business, she has put substantial emphasis on the importance of connecting to the community, and is familiar face at many local events. With a career history in pharmaceutical sales management, we thought Rhonda would be the perfect match for Meredith. 

It turns out that Meredith agrees with us.

She wrote to us a little while back to let us know how things were going:

"I look forward to my time with Rhonda because she is so happy to help me and wants to see me grow. She has so much knowledge and is so willing to share everything she has learned. She is a very kind woman with a huge heart to serve. I just wanted to say I am very grateful for Lead(h)er to introduce me to a strong and powerful woman like Rhonda. I look forward to keep building a strong relationship and hopefully being able to return the favor."

We love this! This is exactly what we mean we say that our collective wisdom and shared experience ignite potential. Rhonda's willingness to share her hard-earned wisdom with Meredith is fueling Meredith's career and community engagement.

Thanks for filling us in, Meredith! Keep up the great work, ladies!


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