Jenni (&) Amy

Meet our match, Jenni and Amy!

LeadHer Jenni and Amy.jpg

Amy applied to Lead(h)er's Strike a Match program a couple of months ago, and was looking for a mentor who could offer her some fresh perspective and maybe chat a bit about being a working mom.

Jenni was just the person for the job. Jenni is full of fresh insight, and has long been accustomed to the challenges that moms encounter with work/life balance. 

We were excited to hear from them just this past week, and it was such a privilege to have both of them write in about their experience!

This is what Amy had to say:

"Being matched with Jenni has had a huge impact on my life, and it’s only been a few short months. She has given me the confidence to grow and do things outside of my comfort zone. She inspires me to take chances and utilize my strengths to help others. I am so thankful to Lead(h)er for matching us!"

Jenni added:


This has been an amazing experience for me as well. Being able to meet with and talk with Amy has given me the opportunity to look at my life experiences in a new way. It has allowed me to share with Amy what has worked well and not so well in past endeavors and given us the opportunity to look at why. 

Our conversations are filled with what we are both doing, shared ideas & suggestions and encouragement for “leaps of faith”. We recently talked about stepping through that door that opens in front of us and how in the past it may have been daunting to walk through but now knowing someone is supportive and encouraging behind you makes it easier to walk through to a new chapter of your life story.

And isn’t that what life is....a series of chapters  filled with adventure, mystery, drama, success & “oops” ...all telling the story of us.

Thank you for a wonderful match! I love this program."

This is our favorite kind of story... the kind in which both people are able to find some wisdom and insight to help them fuel career and community engagement!

Thanks for the update, ladies! We'll look for another one from you once you hit that one year match-iversary!


Sarah Stevens