Lillie (&) Cara

Meet our match, Lillie and Cara!

Lillie and Cara.JPG

Lillie wrote to us a few months back, looking for a mentor who could give her a little career and life advice, particularly advice about how to navigate being the youngest member of her team. She was looking for someone who knows how to garner respect the respect of her peers, as she has significant leadership aspirations in her professional life. Lillie is driven and likes to see results, and was looking for a mentor who could help her to keep moving forward.

Enter Cara. Cara knows what it's like to be a driven young professional, trying to find a place in an industry. Cara did the same thing herself in her own career. We thought they would be a great match together, and it turns out that they agree!

This is what Lillie said when we asked her about her time with Cara:

"Cara has been such a great leader and mentor! She has helped me navigate work challenges and always followed up to see how things turned out. She’s helped to connect me with other people in the community that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. But more than that, she’s a friend. She truly cares about me and gets to know me personally. It’s a great match!"

Connecting to the community, navigating challenges... yes! This is why we believe mentoring matters, and we are so happy to hear that you thing so, too!

Great work, ladies! We look forward to more updates from you!



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