Tiffany (&) Michelle

Meet our match, Tiffany (&) Michelle!


Michelle wrote to us a few months ago looking for a mentor after having struggled some to align her professional experience with her credentials. She was looking for a mentor who could help her navigate through some of her barriers to success.

Enter Tiffany. Tiffany is an admissions counselor who knows a thing or two about navigating through barriers to success. Tiffany has persisted through her own barriers, recently receiving her MBA while being a full-time working mom. Tiffany spends her days helping people align their life's circumstances to support the career they seek, so we thought that this would be a great match.

We heard from Tiffany after their first meeting, and it turns out Tiffany agrees with us!

Check out what Tiffany had to say about her time with Michelle:

"Before our meeting, I was nervous as I did not know what to expect. Michelle is my first mentee but as we sat at Panera and talked, I became relaxed and saw a lot of myself in her. She was nervous just like me and also unsure of what to expect. We talked about how we got to where we are today and I soon realized that she and I have a lot in common. She was the only one in her family to go to college, so was I. She is a middle child, so am I. She was working a job that she did not love and was seeking a way out, so was I. The point to my story is no matter who we are or where we come from, there is always someone who can relate to us. I think Michelle and I were destined to be matched and I am so excited to see where she goes! Thank you for encouraging me and pushing me to be amazing!"

There are so many things to love about this submission from Tiffany, but our favorite is the fact that Tiffany is so open and candid about her uncertainty around being a mentor. It's easy to have the misperception that mentors are always completely confident in their role, and this is just not the case. Women often share their fears with us... usually the fear that they don't really have anything to offer another person.

Tiffany's story is the perfect example of a woman who pushed past her fear to discover the endless potential for mutual benefit in her new mentoring relationship, and we believe the same can be true for you.

Thanks, Tiffany, for reminding us about the importance of courage! Keep up the great work!




Sarah Stevens