Janessa (&) Angie


Meet Angie Sharp and Janessa Calderon, two of our Strike a Match participants.  Angie is mentoring Janessa and the two have have been matched for a few months.  They  have found connection and purpose as a result of their new relationship.  

Janessa just started a new job as an Admissions Counselor at St. Ambrose University and Angie admitted that she thought it might be a little rocky for an Augie grad and an Ambrose grad to strike a match together.  However, they were both pleasantly surprised!

We asked Janessa what she thought about her time with Angie so far and this is what she has to say:

The experience I have had with mentoring has been phenomenal! I originally thought of the program as a way to network in the community, but it has become so much more to me. Angie is a strong woman in the workforce. She is driven, energetic, caring, and has had many life experiences.

I found the program to help me more with my new identity. I was no longer a college student, but now a young professional in the workforce. Angie helped me answer questions I had on new living situations, how to make new friends, how to transition into a new work environment, and how to get more involved in the community. She offered her own personal life experiences and how she answered these questions herself. She gave me the tools I needed to make these decisions on my own. She has been a tremendous mentor! 

It is nice to have someone who is on your side, to help guide you and become a new companion. This program has definitely helped shape me as an individual.

We love everything about this - we love that two people who might not have found each other are now connected in a meaningful way that fuels their success and inspires them to lead.  

This is why mentoring matters - because people like Angie and Janessa are able to share their experience and wisdom with each other to ignite their potential.  Great work, ladies and thank you for sharing your story with us!

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